Omaha Beer Week

We received our first press release here at Beer Scout Headquarters over the holidays. With our many trips across southern Missouri and around the metro, it kinda slipped thru the cracks.

Omaha Beer WeekThe second Omaha Beer Week will take place in Omaha the week of February 15–24. None of the Scouts made it to the first one. It seems like it could be quite a bit of fun, with bus routes hitting the participating breweries and bars. (Though the website is lacking in details at the moment.) Nebraska Brewing, which has some delightful big beers that make it down to KC, is participating. Upstream, which the wife and I visited several years ago, is not. It seems there’s still room to grow on the possibilities, so keep your eyes on the website if you are considering heading north to check it out.

If any of us Scouts do journey to the Omaha Beer Week, expect a full report. If any of you are in Omaha or will make a beer pilgrimage north for this even in mid-February, come back and leave a comment with your take on your experience.

Here’s the press release:

2nd Annual Omaha Beer Week
February 15–24, 2013

December 27, 2012 – Omaha, Nebraska — The second annual Omaha Beer Week, a ten day celebration of craft beer and craft brewing, will take place from Friday, February 15, through Sunday, February 24, 2013. This second annual event includes hundreds of keg tapping and beer tasting events at bars, restaurants, and retailers throughout the community.

Established in February 2012 as the first event of its kind in Nebraska, Omaha Beer Week is a non-profit collaborative celebration designed to support local businesses and promote our community’s thriving craft beer culture, enhance beer knowledge and appreciation, and call attention to the rich tradition of local brewing. More than one hundred events are in the works that include tastings, food pairings and dinners, limited edition keg tappings, leisure activities, educational programs, and a bus tour of participating venues.

The official Omaha Beer Week website,, has all of the latest information. This includes bus tour maps, venue locations, and event specifics. Help us celebrate and appreciate our community’s beer culture!